Automation of business communications with customers.
Chatforma is the most accessible platform for creating chatbots
Chatbots for Telegram, Viber, VK.
CHATFORMA - is the most accessible and clear all-in-one platform with great functionality that allows you to create chatbots for Telegram, Viber, VK messenger without programming skills.

We also have bots for Instagram and Facebook (*recognized as extremist organizations in Russia and banned in March 2022), work on which has been suspended.

In the current conditions, we are focused on Telegram chatbots and are actively developing them.

The MISSION of CHATFORMA: is to help entrepreneurs improve all stages of communication with customers, automating most of the processes through a convenient and functional platform.
About The Project
74 000+
2 300 000+
created on the platform
use bots created on the platform
Two active Chatforma customer segments
A small enterprise that is interested in lowering costs to acquire and retain a customer
Freelancers, existing businesses, start-ups that develop and sell bots under their own brand using our capabilities.
From October 2019 to the current moment, Chatforma does not place ads, and we also stopped the affiliate program until February 2022.

The traffic is entirely organic. The platform is used by those customers who see the value of the tool and understand how to use it in their business or clients' business.

Until the end of 2018, we developed only one "White Label" tariff plan (No name panel, own domain, client access, package options by number of bots). The average package price was 29000 rubles.

In 2019, we started to develop individual "Business" tariffs and came to the conclusion that it is convenient for our customers to pay exactly for the number of bots and not for the number of users in bots. This payment format has become our detachment from the competition and a strong advantage. Our client's business develops, the number of users increases, but the payment stays the same.

Cohorts of customers who pay consistently:
- those who are interested in the Business tariff plan with monthly or annual bot payment by the piece;
- those who make bots to order and purchase annual "White Label" package offers at a price of 50,000 rubles or more.
Current conversions of Chatforma
4 months
From unique user to registration
From registration to sale
Retention (second month renewal)
Average Customer Lifecycle

The tables below show the indicators for the main clients of Chatforma, which constitute the main core and pay year after year.
The dynamics of active bots by year
Dynamics of paid clients
2017 year
2018 year
2019 year
2020 year
2021 year
2022 year (currently)
A more detailed breakdown of paying customers for 2022:
- White Label tariff (unlimited for a year) at a price tag of 50,000 rubles - 40 clients.
- Recurring White Label tariffs - 32 clients.
- "Business" tariff with piece payment for bots - 156 clients.
- Recurring "Business" tariffs - 160 clients.
- Minimum" tariff (bot storing during a project recession) - 77 clients.
All cash flow, all revenues/expenses are recorded in the Finolog (, starting from 2018. Reporting is available upon request.
If the client does not pay, the bot continues to work, moving to a free technical Freemium rate. The basic functionality becomes automatically disable and a permanent button "Made in Chatfoma" appears. Such labeled users' bots are a good source of free traffic to the website.
Dynamics by the "core" of customers
2019 year
2020 year
2021 year
2022 year
11 433
23 521
37 883
40 689
The pandemic had a strong impact on the company. We experienced the outflow of almost 70% of revenue, but we managed to keep the team, to continue the development of the project technically (although not at a fast pace). At the end of 2021, we started to reach the pre-crisis levels, we started to prepare for the IDO. This allowed us to strengthen technically and make up for the missed year quickly. Now the company has picked up a good pace and is steadily continuing to grow. In the near future, we are preparing a completely redesigned interface.
Canvas is appearing now and it makes us even more convenient and understandable for our customers.

In April 2022, Chatforma mini-landing pages were finalized and now they are more efficient in capturing leads in advertising.
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
Use a centralized messaging to Telegram chats and channels where the Chatforma bot has been added
Segment the audience by behavior in the bot and purchase events. Bring each group to the result with different scenarios
Send free messages to any number of your users. It doesn't matter how big the base is: 100 or 100,000 people
Controlling the user's presence in a channel or chat using a bot. Removal from the list, channel and chat after a certain time period.
Show different message threads to different users to increase sale/transaction conversion
Close the sale right in the bot using the shopping cart and payment systems present in Telegram
Use our direct integrations with amoCRM and Bitrix24
Give customers the opportunity to communicate with a live specialist right inside the chatbot
Send and receive data from over 2000 services using in the bot integrations through Make, Zapier, Albato
Collect customer data in a way that is convenient for them, accept orders, register customers or conduct surveys
Forms with a calendar and push-button options for accepting bots and recording user responses
Receive automatic notifications from the bot about new orders and other user actions
Teach your bots to understand the language spoken by your customers. Use keywords
Make an effective capture of potential customers with targeted advertising. Launch your bot directly from the mini-landing page
AI-TAGS (Artificial Intelligence Tags)
Use the bot launch from a specific message
Create a beautiful showcase of products inside your bot. Post pictures of your products
Everything for fast implementing of bots into business
AThe open API has been developed and is constantly being refined, so the bots created on the platform could be linked to almost everything.
A large number of integrations "by the click of a button" without programming using Albato, Zapier, Integromat/Make services. Already configured connections with calendars, task managers, popular CRM.
Keeping user information in a separate user card.
User data can be easily uploaded from the user database.
User-friendly interface.
Bot templates for different niches.
Large number of step-by-step instructions (in video and text formats).
Professional support service staffed by practicing experts.
Everything for our customers' convenience
Advantages of Chatforma
Database Protection
The user database you've collected always stays with you. It's possible to upload it at any moment in csv format (if your users have id in Telegram).
Servers in Russia
Our servers are located on the territory of the Russian Federation in Yandex. Work of your bots will not be affected by external sanctions and blocking. And user data will be protected by Russian legislation.
Chatforma uses a decentralized system of admin access management. Mass spam messages delivery to all users of the platform is impossible.
Chatforma is the most accessible platform for creating chatbots in Telegram with great functionality. The Chatforma team has made it easy for clients to create bots.
Chatbot market prospects
Every company has stages of development and maturity. We have long passed the "valley of death" and are at the level of expansion. We have a stable revenue that covers operating costs.
Stages of company development
Testing an idea, looking for
First profit from investments made
Early growth
Entering the market, the product
becomes recognizable,
profits increase
Business expansion, increase in sales volumes, market share, production volumes, profit growth
The company is sold to a new owner or continues to develop
"Death Valley"
Break even
Our Investment Advantage:
We are not a startup, despite the results of the collection, the company will develop and generate profits.
This is the first round of capital raising, and the price of a digital asset is at the very beginning of its growth path.

Every company has stages of development and maturity. We have long passed the "valley of death" and are at the level of expansion. We have a stable revenue that covers operating costs.
Stages of company development
Our Investment Advantage:
We are not a startup, despite the results of the collection, the company will develop and generate profits.
This is the first round of capital raising, and the price of a digital asset is at the very beginning of its growth path.
Points of growth through partnerships
Bitrix integrators. At the beginning of 2022, Chatforma entered into a cooperation agreement with one of Bitrix's Gold Partners, which is one of the TOP 5 Bitrix Integrators, to build a training school for their customers on their own. Chatforma serves as a technological platform for integrators who implement bots into the Bitrix CRM system.
Megaphone. In April 2022, made a partnership offer.
CPA-networks. We found an empty segment for large CPA networks. In March 2022, we started a dialogue and cooperation with the KOKOS network.
Short-term plans
Access to Brazil, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates. At the moment we are working with our technical partners, such as Albato, who are already working in this market, for the synergy of our efforts and the possibility of working there.
Launch our own advertising exchange. Summer 2022.
Starting IDO Chatforma. Preparation have begun in 2021. First public rounds of token sales will start in 2022.
IDO Chatforma:
Collection goal 185,000 USDT
We are holding a second private round
Collected: 85,219 USDT
Chatforma is currently in procedure before the launch of IDO. In 2021, native tokens have been issued and a preliminary private round has been conducted.
Our calendar of events
IDO roadmap
Private placement
Dec. 2021-Apr. 2022
Public placement of pre-sale IDO in the CIS
June 2022
listing of CBT token on global exchanges. Entry into DEX
July-Oct. 2022
Entry into the market of Latin America, the Philippines and the UAE
Sept. 2023
Global IPO on the launchpad
June 2023
Roman Gorobchenko
  • Founder and CEO of
  • More than 18 years in project management.
  • More than 500 projects for internal tasks of companies and external launches have been released under the leadership.
  • Worked as an outsourced omnichannel systems and chatbots implementation expert at Platinum List event aggregator and ticket sales, Dubai, UAE.
  • Launched his own project (an event aggregator and ticket sales in cinemas) based on a chatbot on Facebook, GetInCity. Dubai, UAE. The project has been sold.
  • Formed development and sales departments to enter international markets for the tea factory:
    Evgeny Khodchenkov
    • Professionally engaged in private investment and has been working with promising Russian startups for 14 years (since 2007).
    • Since 2014, the founder of the largest community of private investors in Russia and the CIS "City of Investors", more than 500,000 participants
    • Was recognized as Internet Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 for outstanding achievements in Internet marketing.
    • Author of many educational programs on email marketing, direct marketing and sales funnels.
    • During his career, he created an impressive social Capital, the total subscription base is more than 1 million people
    • Author of the YouTube channel "Assets", a popular Telegram and Instagram channel with a total audience of about 500,000 people
    • Author of the project "A Million for My Daughter" (every Thursday for 12 years we invest from 1000 rubles a week)
    • Prizewinner of the All-Russian competition "Be friends with Finance" (from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation) in the nomination "Piggy Bank of Knowledge"
    • Official partner of Robert and Kim Kiyosaki (RichDad company) in Russia
    • Founder of the "All All Together" charity fund (we make prosthetic hands for children)
    Chatforma Founders
    Legal aspects
    The trademark was registered in the English and Russian names to preserve legal succession
    Company in UK
    Company Number 13956746
    England and Wales
    27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX
    Russian Federation operations
    Roman Gorobchenko and Evgeny Khodchenkov are engaged in business activities in Russia through two sole proprietorships
    Rights for the code
    All contracts with developers, who work on the platform, go through NDA, made by lawyers, on the right to transfer the code. Only Chatforma has full rights to the code.
    They talk and write about us
    Isaac Pintosevich
    Isaac Pintosevich is an Honorary Professor at the Synergy Business School, founder of the Academy of Influence Experts, author of the bestseller "Act!", "10 Commandments of Success" and 13 more training books
    writes about us
    Liliya Nilova @popartmarketing
    Millionaire Blogger and marketer
    recommends us
    Company Number 13956746
    England and Wales
    27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX
    Our official channels
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