We are successfully moving along the roadmap and fulfilling our tasks with confidence.
We expanded the staff of developers, increased the number of servers, launched our own affiliate program module inside the constructor, launched Instagram bots, bots for managing chats and channels in Telegram, etc.
Terms of work implementation
Burning CBT coins
Apr, 2024
Development of the Proof of Stake Consensus Infrastructure and Algorithm
Apr - Aug, 2023
Additional monetization services for both clients and the platform:

  • service for creating and working with plugins. The author can provide access and earn on the sale. The platform earns %. Plugins allow you to independently connect bots to any sites
  • Internal arbitration bot
Aug 2022 - Jul 2023
Product analytics of funnels and user actions in bots
Jun-Sep 2022
Multiplatform bot, single window for dialogues. Integration with NLU, AI - for the possibility of self-learning bots and full-fledged text recognition
May - Aug, 2022
The mechanism for rewarding clients with tokens for certain actions in the constructor
Jun - Sep 2022
Integration of payment gateways: fiat and crypto.
Infrastructure for the interaction of the CBT token
Sep - Dec, 2022

Adding an English version and
a language switcher.
Single window for dialogs Bitrix 24
May - Aug, 2022
Canvas for visual funnels of message chains. Analytics on bot users
Jan, 2021 - Jun, 2022
Instagram bots and bots for administering work in chats, channels, public and private
Nov, 2021 - Feb, 2022
Bots for managing chats and channels in Telegram
Dec, 2021
Custom affiliate program module inside the constructor
Nov - Dec, 2021
Expansion of the staff of developers, increase in the number of servers for stable operation with a multiple growth of the base
Nov, 2021 - Feb, 2022
New mini-landings for advertising
Feb, 2022
Direct integration for accepting payments in bots with Claud Paymants
Feb - Mar, 2022
Creation of a personal investor account
Mar, 2022
Own domains for clients when setting up ads on mini-landings with bots
Mar, 2022
Advertising exchange in bots. Authors of bots with a large subscription base can sell advertising mailings. Platform earns %
Jun - Dec 2022
Localization into Portuguese
Jun, 2022 - Aug, 2022
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